Getting Started

Where to start looking for CLL info

Welcome to the getting started page. The fact that you’re here, means that you are entering a time of uncertainty. Finding out that you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with CLL is certainly cause for alarm. This page will serve as a road-map for you to find the information on this website that is most important to you.

I’ll list the main topics with a brief description of what info you’ll find, along with a direct link to help you get there. The various sections are all available in the main navigation in the upper section of every page.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the page where you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. These won’t be full-page technical explanations, but typically answers that are a paragraph or two long, in terms that normal people can understand. Click Here to go to the FAQ Page

About Me

Here you’ll find more info about me. I’ll explain some background about how I became aware of CLL, why I started this website, and a little about my personal life. There’s insight into my outlook, and what was important in shaping my positive attitude. Click Here to go to the About Me Page

The Blog

The blog page is the home for all of my articles. These are the stories that I write to share all of my personal experiences involving CLL. By sharing my first hand account, I hope to clear up any uncertainty that others may have about what they may expect to go through.

Please note that all blog articles are listed in chronological order. The beginning of my story is at the top of the first page, and the most recent is last. These stories will also be listed on the right-hand sidebar by most recent, most popular, and by category on all pages in the site. Click Here to go to the Blog Page

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to share this with someone who may benefit from it.