Preparing For Chemotherapy

Now that I have a proper diagnosis, the next step is chemotherapy as the treatment. This brings on a bit of anxiety for most. Let’s face it, everyone’s heard of chemo, and I would assume they associate it with something dark and scary used to ward off the ever so sinister disease of cancer.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, I can’t say enough good about the medical team involved with my diagnosis and treatment. The quality of communication, and the level of professionalism I’ve experienced, is above and beyond what I had expected. The preparation for my chemotherapy sessions was no exception.

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Chemo Session One – Day One

Today marks my first experience with chemotherapy, and as you would expect, I head into it with optimistic apprehension. My nurse practitioner, Nicole, did a superb job of presenting all the facts about the process, the medications, and all possible side effects in preparation for this day.

If you haven’t read my previous article Preparing For Chemotherapy, you may want to have a look at it first, as it contains a lot of detail about the medications and side effects.

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Chemo Session One: Day Two

Today I venture into day two of my experience with chemotherapy. Day one was surprisingly uneventful, although it was a long day. If you haven’t read my previous article Chemo Session One-Day One, you may want to have a look at it first. It contains a lot of detail about the medications and side effects during my first day.

So far, the side effects from day one have been minimal compared to all the possibilities explained during my orientation session. I’ve experienced some minor fatigue, and some redness in my face and neck areas. The tiredness was mostly last evening, as I feel well rested and alert this morning. The redness is evidently due to the steroid pre-med, and normally lasts for a few days.

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Chemo Session One: Day Three

Today marks day three of my initial experience with chemotherapy. Day two was a short session, with no noticeable ill effects. The information for today is going to include a bit more about side effects than in the previous articles, as I’m beginning to notice some changes.

If you haven’t read my previous articles Chemo Session One-Day One or Chemo Session One-Day Two, you may want to read them first. They contain a lot of detail about the medications and how things went during my first and second day.

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Chemo Session Two

Heading into my second three-day chemotherapy treatment, I’m feeling better than I have for a very long time. This re-enforces my thoughts that I’ve had this disease lingering inside of me for years now. Besides feeling better, visually I can already see a reduction in the swollen lymph-nodes in my neck. For this, I am thankful, and continue to have a very optimistic outlook going forward.

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